Look at the high resolution pictures

These pictures complement the main site views

Every time I create a subject page on the main Timmonet site I put larger versions of the images in these galleries. You will often find other views here that did not make it onto the main site. These additional pictures were not rejected because of quality considerations, but either due to constraints on space (I usually restrict the main page pictures to about 13 photos) or because the subject matter was a little off the main theme.

Use of the pictures

These images are copyright, but ...

I took the time and effort to go and create these pictures, carry out processing and put them on the World Wide Web. I did this so that others can enjoy the views I created, but I hold the copyright on these images. Whilst I welcome visitors to enjoy the pictures, or even comment on them via the email link or guest book on the main site Timmonet, copying and use on other sites, publications, or retrieval systems is a breach of copyright. I usually grant releases for academic or non-profit making use, and I have been known to provide glossy prints for those fortunate enough to be featured here. Please ask first, don't just copy and paste, hoping that it will be ok. If I do discover unauthorised use of my pictures I will, at the very least, ask you to remove them from the site (if on the Internet) or for royalty payments if in a printed work.

A fuller description of the copyright restrictions on my photographs is here.